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Roofing board best quality. MATAKI.

We also have roofing felt because it dampens the sound from rain, for example. Dogs like to be quiet in the kennel

Insulating glass

The window is an insulating glass 2 panes with gas in between and low energy value and coated on the outside so that the sun's rays that hit there are attenuated by approx. 70% Alternatively, an insulating glass that dampens the sound very well. Dogs like to be quiet in their den.

Insulated walls

The walls are insulated without thermal bridges.


Balcony dimensions: 33x13 cm


Jotun glaze

Which will stand for many years. All the pieces are lasered separately before we assemble the hut.

Tinted windows

Also available with a tinted glass in different colours.

Roof over the balcony

The roof goes out over the balcony to partly protect the window from the sun. If the sun doesn't come in, the hut is kept cool in the summer. Extra protection for the dog also when it lies in the opening.

Folding roof

The roof has the highest point offset from the center. It is to keep the most load capacity over the living area because it is the largest span there.

Selectable side of hinge

Hinges so the roof can be opened from whichever side you want. Even so, the roof can be raised with these hinges so that the hut gets an extra ventilation position for e.g. the summer.



Ventilated hall

Rubber seal

Rubber seals between the living area and the roof. The moldings that rubber seals sit in also lock the interior.

Innovative locking system

The entire interior is based on a locking system, so screws are not needed.

Insulated floor

The floor is insulated without thermal bridges

Well protected entrance

The entrance to the living area is well into the hallway and is well protected from the elements. Therefore, you don't need a dangerous dog door that they can injure themselves on.

Adjustable valve/ventilation.


The Wt  can be uniquely adapted to each customer's wishes and needs.
We can customize the hut according to color, material, decor, food and water bowls and much more.

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